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Mobility Taping

At Hive Muskoka we have certified MobilityTaping professionals to assist you in the correct application of this incredible product and to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit.


What is Mobility Tape?
Discover the only kinesiology tape that assists your recovery and helps relieve pain using built-in heat activation.

This is made possible by incorporating heat-producing components into the tape’s adhesive for an easy and mess-free application. Mobility Tape will apply compression to a specific area – promoting rapid recovery – or decompression to relieve pain and swelling, assisting in lymphatic drainage.

Do you want full range of mobility?
* Enjoy a unique tri-directional stretch, with 180% elasticity that mimics your skin
Concerned about skin irritation?
* Our products use a hypoallergenic adhesive
How long will it last?
* The tape is designed to provide substantial strength and long-lasting support for up to 7 days of activity
What if I get wet?
* Mobility Tape is fully durable in water – whether you’re in the shower, jumping in the pool or getting caught in the rain
How about the environmental impact?
For every roll of tape sold, Mobility Tape pledges to plant a tree to assist in the fight against climate change

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