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Personalized Meal Plan

Work with our certified nutritionists to develop a meal plan specific to your needs.

All meal plans are overseen by Fyonna so you know that you're in good hands.

About Fyonna's experience...

Fyonna Vanderwerf is an award winning coach, athlete and trainer. From her early beginnings as a competitive vegetarian athlete , to her work with the Niagara Health Unit as a Community Food Advisor/ Nutrition Presenter. She believes food is a huge role in our ability to manage and thrive in times of stress. She is also certified as a Precision Nutrition Food Coach and certifies people in healthy weight loss coaching and holds other certifications in food specific areas such as healthy hormones, vegetarian and pain management through foods. She has helped hundreds of athletes, parents, chronic pain sufferers to make the connection between eating to nourish and providing preventative options through a healthier food consumption, to her many published articles on food, eating patterns and healthier choices. She has presented internationally on building resistance through eating and coping strategies. Her programs are thorough, individualized, enjoyable and easy to make.

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