We have the biggest class schedule in Muskoka- from BollyxFitness, Zumba, Trx, Bodyshred, Boxing, Yoga  and more. Add in Hive Hot Yoga and classes 7 days a week and we've got YOUR buzz covered! 

we rock adaptions and changing things up to meet YOUR needs and abilities. Wherever you are, we've got a class with friends and fun.

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Our bodies hold so much tension, and often we don't even know it.

Yin class is a wonderful way to gaining more awareness of this without judgement or concern. We learn how to let things go, one breath at a time. This is so closely aligned with our metal and physical well being.

This practice is warm based, it's held in our hot yoga studio- but the temperature is at a soothing 85-90 degrees. It is not a sweat based class, but the warmth might just make you doze off in perfect contentment ( happens alot!)

This class is for all class pass members

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