COVID-19 Protocol

Safety Protocol & Information

Dear Valued Hive Muskoka Members,


The health and well-being of our members has always been our driving force since establishing Hive Muskoka in 2020. Indeed, we started by exceeding all Covid compliance and will continue to do so. 


As of Jan 5, 2022- all gyms/fitness facilities in Ontario are in lockdown. Please read regulation 263/20 as it pertains to this industry. Hive is currently allowing clients with physical therapy notes to continue training.


Effective September 22, 2021-all members, booking participants, clients, drop ins, tour guests must be fully vaccinated in order to participate in any activities inside the Hive.  This includes using workout areas, group classes and personal training.  At this time, we will continue to offer virtual classes and personal training as an alternative option. We are currently working on non-vaccinated classes to be held outside- this requires Health Unit support.


The Delta Variant is far more virulent, more contagious and potentially more deadly than original reports suggest. All information from our public health experts supports us holding firm in our position to continue as we are for the foreseeable future by firmly adapting vaccination and continued Covid protocols. The hard truth is that despite our collective efforts to stave off another wave of this COVID-19 pandemic Canada is seeing a very concerning rise in cases, including those requiring hospitalization and intensive ICU care.


We would like to thank all of our members for the support and care during the past year of ups and downs. We appreciate your loyalty to Hive.  What you have told me is that you are keen to return to in person fitness experiences at Hive, however would only feel comfortable doing so with a clear ‘double vaccination requirement’ policy in place. In addition, you would be willing to invite others to join Hive Muskoka as new members, knowing that it is a healthy and safe place to be and has been since day one.


Our policy will give you peace of mind knowing that any time you visit the Hive, you will be with others who have taken the important step of protecting their health and that of our community.


Thank you for your patronage and support through these strange times. 

Fyonna Vanderwerf and the team at Hive Muskoka 


  • In order to use the Hive Muskoka facilities, you will be required to provide valid government issued proof showing two Covid -19 vaccinations from the official qr code. This status will be noted in your file and therefore will only need to be provide donce.  For privacy purposes, we will permanently delete your emailed vaccine document once it is recorded in your file. Please direct this to Fyonna only. 
  • Capacity limits to in person attendance at Hive Muskoka, have been established in accordance with government guidelines. 


Additional Safety Protocols in Place 

  • Masks will be worn by staff /instructors at all times.  Members are required to wear a mask when entering and leaving the club and at any time that a safe distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained.  When exercising, masks may be removed. 
  • Our equipment has been arranged to allow for physical distancing along with floor markers and multiple class spaces both inside and outside. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations and equipment disinfectant wipes can be found throughout 
  • An electrostatic sprayer is used to disinfect equipment and surfaces throughout the day, along with a regular cleaning protocol 
  • Our extensive safety plan is located at the front door and between the washroom entrances 
  • Hospital grade Hepa filters have been installed along with a solid HVAC system and air quality monitors in each room 
  • Members are asked to bring their own towels, yoga mats and yoga accessories, however we will continue to offer these as they are consistently sanitized according to the Hive safety plan. 

COVID-19 Protocol

At Hive Muskoka we are taking the Coronovirus pandemic very seriously to ensure the health and safety of staff and visitors alike.

The precautions found on this page can also be found in the downloadable PDF:

Hive Muskoka Protocol for Covid-19 (pdf)

We are committed to exceed government guidelines for Covid-19 precautions including extensive cleaning, capped class sizes, and much more.

COVID-19 Safety Update | February 2021


We exceed Covid compliance and work directly with the Health Unit to ensure safety and risk mitigation is at the top of our checklist


We follow ALL government mandates and law to ensure compliance and adapt as these change


Currently, we require double vaccinations/medical exemption documentation


For your safety , we use our app to book in gym/class/appointment times


At Hive Muskoka, an independent inspection has confirmed that we far exceed the government guidelines for best practices around coronavirus prevention. 

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