How do I submit my proof of vaccination?

You can send an email with your attached government issued document to fyonna@hivemuskoka.ca or make an appointment to show this to Fyonna exclusively. This information is not shared with other staff or members. 

What are my options if I choose not to get vaccinated? 

You can participant in our virtual group classes and virtual personal training sessions.  We can also arrange a virtual Personal Fitness Session with a trainer to set goals and develop an in-home program for you with optional follow up sessions 

I have already had COVID-19. Can I provide an antibody test in place of proof of vaccination? 

No, we require valid Government issued proof of vaccination. 

Will I need to show proof of vaccination at every visit? 

No, this is only required once.  This will be noted on your file. 

What if I only have 1 vaccine shot? 

Due to the added level of protection of two shots, we require proof of double vaccination as well as a period of at least one week following the 2nd shot. 

I have chosen not to get vaccinated, can I use the club if I provide a negative Covid-19 test? 

At this time, our policy is to allow only double-vaccinated individuals.  We do not have the Our virtual classes and personal training are alternatives.  

What happens to my frozen membership if I'm not vaccinated? 

Your membership can continue to be held until such a time that you are fully vaccinated or opt to cancel.  Any unused personal training sessions can be used virtually or put towards a package of virtual group fitness classes.  

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