Hive Hot Yoga
Heating up the Hive with Hive Hot Yoga!

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We’re Muskoka’s answer to fun, innovative, accessible and inclusive Hot Yoga. 


Why Hot Yoga?- We run classes between 80-104 degrees in an exclusive, enclosed private yoga studio. Offering towels, mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets and all those yoga accessories, we seek to make your practice as safe and enjoyable as possible 


The benefits of hot yoga are added flexibility and suppleness in your muscles. It allows you to soften until you’re able to bend much deeper. It also allows you to think about your breath in a really different way, and realize how much strength comes from our capacity to breathe.


Want to improve balance, lower body strength and range of motion? Handle stress better? Feel super warm and fuzzy on a winter day or a rainy weekend morning? 

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