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Jenni Alsopp as an instructor at Hive Muskoka

Jenni Alsopp

Jenni works the front desk, teaches fitness and is a personal trainer. Jenni started her fitness career as a Zumba Instructor, so her approach first and foremost to any workout is to make it fun. Whether it’s a personal training session, a high intensity interval workout, lifting weights, or anything in between, Jenni creates a training environment that not only motivates, but also empowers individuals to challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way. Jenni wants to share her/she enthusiasm, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and help you realise what your body is capable of.

Robyn Hilton is an instructor at Hive Muskoka

Robyn Hinton

Robyn teaches fitness, yoga, and works the front desk. Fitness and Yoga have been a part of Robyn’s life for over 20 years, and her/she practices have helped her/she grow stronger, more flexible and release stress, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires Robyn to live each moment more mindfully. Robyn loves to combine creative sequencing, with breath and mindfulness to help you connect your mind, body and spirit throughout your practice. It is Robyn’s hope that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. Although Yoga may be a big part of her/she’s life, you can also find Robyn teaching fitness classes of all types. Robyn’s fiery passion for mixing high intensity cardio with strong athletic movements create classes that leave you feeling happy, accomplished and sweaty. “I will always be a student of the practice of yoga, despite being a teacher and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom teachers have shared.”

Tasha Bryant as an instructor at Hive Muskoka

Natasha (Tasha) Bryant

Tasha teaches yoga, front desk support and sometimes the odd dance class! Natasha’s career in dance lead her naturally to discovering yoga. As a teacher at a local dance studio, she loves to share and inspire her love for movement with her young students. Natasha notices the perfection in the imperfect and has the ability to make every student feel welcome, at home and loved. Having her at Hive Hot Yoga means engaging, strong and flow classes with a bit of magic! Natasha’s classes are engaging, fun and filled with joy.


Our buzz starts with these Hive Instructors!

Tasha Bryant as an instructor and owner at Hive Muskoka

Fyonna Vanderwerf

Fyonna is the owner of Hive Muskoka and an award winning canfitpro PRO TRAINER. With over 90 certifications, numerous awards and 26 years in the wellness industry, Fyonna Vanderwerf’s list of credentials puts her amongst the elite of Canadian Fitness Professionals. She is the owner of Hive Muskoka and an award winning canfitpro PRO TRAINER who delivers certification programs, workshops locally and globally both virtually, in print and live. She is recognized by Impact Magazine as one of Canada’s Top Instructors. She is an advocate of the phrase “ Find Your Werf” Wellness, Education. Resilience and Fun. She has competed at the World level for bodybuilding, and is a finisher of multiple Ironmans and dozens of marathons and triathlons. The founder of Achilles Muskoka and is building an adaptive coaching platform in Muskoka-Fyonna removes barriers and builds bridges. Fyonna has shared her beliefs through personal training, writing and program directing and has helped countless individuals who were invisible to the fitness and wellness industry, discover capabilities and get excited about movement. She gives back to several community programs as a mentor, advocate and is a firm advocate of diversity, inclusiveness and building paths with better understanding and conversations.

Jeff, Jude, and Dexter building rooms at Hive Muskoka

Jeff, Jude and Dexter

Not so much staff as faces you’ll see time and time again at Hive! Working at the front desk, fixing equipment, greeting members and enjoying the space. These three people are the loves of Fyonna’s life and a huge part of the building process/extensive renovations, cleaning, updating, painting and coffee runs. This facility is an ongoing labour of love.

Jack is the emotional support dog at Hive Muskoka


You don’t know Jack? Jack is Hive Muskoka’s official service dog. Jack is Hive Muskoka’s official service dog for emotional support and to reduce the anxiety of returning to a gym environment. Just being here for the first time in your life can be overwhelming and Jack is here to support that. He has been trained and is a certified service dog- the ONLY gym support dog in Ontario. We do not allow Jack on the gym floor at any time. This is a hygiene and safety due diligence. He stays in the entrance area in his spot on the couch in the corner. He is trained to not go off the wood floor. When he is wearing his red vest, he is on duty. You are able to tickle, pat and provide treats for him-he absolutely loves it and is easily the most chill dog you will ever meet. He loves when people sit beside him and give him tickles. It’s been a proven blood pressure reducer and mood calmer to pet animals. Jack also visits Retirement and Long Term Care facilities.

Brittany (Britt) Clark

Brittany is our tech extordinare, website guru, and marketing specialist. Also known at Hive as Body Roll Brittany, she can bust a move just as well as she makes our website here. Brittany comes with a smile and is happy to be a part of our community. If there are any questions about tech, Brittany is your girl! She owns her own business, New Leaf Media, and is happy to work with our Hive members and beyond with all things digital, photography, and videography.

Cindy Jamieson

What to say about this fabulous person? Known throughout Hive for her supportive and engaging vibe in classes as a participant, she is also famous for the level of detailing she does for costumes. You might get a bee, a Helen, a Forrest Gump or our personal favorite- Jacques the Carnival Lifter. Cindy's background in community programming management, her skills as a group fitness instructor and TRX coach bring a great vibe to the Hive Crew.

Lisa Stefan

Lisa is excited to be back teaching group fitness again. After a long hiatus (to open a business and have a couple of kids) she's back and ready to share her energy and passion for health and wellness in the group fitness environment. Her favourite classes to teach include boxing, strength and stretch and spin. Lisa has a Health & Fitness studies certificate from Simon Fraser University and a background in personal training and group fitness. Lisa is an avid runner, hiker and cross country skiier (when we have a winter) and loves taking her classes outside if/when the weather permits. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Lisa moved to beautiful Muskoka 9 years ago and never looked back.

Christine Larkin

Christine's background in cycling and triathlon give her spin classes a distinctly sport based focus. And her tunes are out of this world. When not spinning through cycling classes, Christine loves,loves,loves her grandchildren, travelling and home renovations in that order! Ask her about her Vogue laundry room. (L A fantastic asset to the crew when she is not working through paperwork as an accountant.

Hive Muskoka logo of a bee weightlifting
Logo to find Hive Muskoka on Med Fit Network

We’re more than 4 walls and Dumbbells
– we are the Hive!

Hive Muskoka is an award-winning, inclusive, gender-neutral, fun and engaging facility. We offer 7300 sq feet of studios, gym and cardio equipment space, health services and a private Hive Hot Yoga studio. We are open 7 days a week and are staffed for your safety. We also offer extensive off-site training, classes, workshops and presentations.

We opened during the pandemic in the summer of 2020 and have withstood FIVE lockdowns' challenges/restrictions, and mandates. All while maintaining a steady 80% membership base. Hive Muskoka is one of the country’s leading risk mitigation facilities for gym regulatory standards during COVID-19 and is represented in various media outlets regarding this.

As a social enterprise-based gym- we increase community health and movement through multiple collaborations, engaging staff, unique programming and our classes/gym space. Our staff have various skills and expertise and are rock stars in their own right!

Hive Muskoka is a truly accessible, diverse, inclusive, trigger-reduced, all-gender facility that seeks body positivity and fun.

Your inclusion is our community’s success.


We are a fully accessible and adaptive facility that offers training, coaching, certification programs including cpr/AED. We also offer Muskoka’s largest class schedule as well as a virtual online component to our programs. Hive Muskoka has been open since August 2020- and have the high standards of exceeding Covid risk mitigation requirements which extends to our safety plan and extensive cleaning protocol. Hive’s CEO and owner Fyonna Vanderwerf is an award winning fitness expert with over 26 years in the movement and health industry from instructor to recreational programmer to gym owner. Fyonna also writes and presents extensively on motivation, training protocols, coaching and nutrition as well as menopause. Her past athletic achievements include provincial Rugby, multiple Ironmans, marathons and triathlons and at the ages of 44-48 competed in bodybuilding at the provincial and world’s level. Not bad for someone who failed grade 10 gym!

Hive Muskoka facilities with rowing machine, eliptical treadmill
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